Educational talks

Volunteers visit schools and  discuss social issues affecting learners, including substance abuse, gender-based violence, bullying, HIV and Aids, stress, and teenage pregnancy. Our two-day school sessions include debates, presentations, group discussions, drawing and painting.

Career Expo 2017

While various universities and colleges host career exhibitions and open days, many of Khayelitsha’s learners cannot afford the transport fees to attend these events. We solved this challenge by bringing the institutions closer to the community through our first Career Exhibition, held for Grades 9 and 12  in March 2017.  The event was hugely successful, and further exhibitions will follow.


Iliso hosts weekend leadership camps beyond the borders of Khayelitsha, where youth take part in  team-building activities, debates, talent shows and motivational activities.


Our youth grow up in crowded high-density areas, living unhealthy lifestyles. Day walks on hot, summer Saturdays promote physical activity, healthy eating and encourage relaxation, reflection and oneness with nature.